Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Purchases: TJ-Maxx and Thrift

Suede lace up wedges: Tj-Maxx, $35
Minnetonka Moccasins: TJ-Maxx, $35
Pink and Purple Flannel: TJ-Maxx, $13
Jean Jacket with shearling/wool lining: Buffalo Exchange, $20
Pink and Grey striped knit top: TJ-Maxx, $13
White chiffon type top: TJ-Maxx, $13
So excited for back to school! I can not wait to rock those wedges! I'm going into sophmore year in style! Haha.So cheesy and lame, I know. The jean shearling jacket was such a great find in my eyes because it's so warm and huge, it'll be PERFECT for summer! I'm actually planning on going back to school thrift shopping with my mum sometime this week, so I'll show you what I get then too! Until next time, bye lovely's! <3

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  1. wow i love everything you got love it