Friday, August 5, 2011

2,000 people.

WOW. I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT I JUST HIT 2,000 SUBSCRIBERS ON YOUTUBE!! Ahhh, sorry for all caps but, that just shows how excited I am! I honestly can't believe that 2,000 people watch me and are interested enough in me to actually subscribe, haha. Most of the time I think I'm quite boring on my vids but apparently not! I'm so excited and my youtube subbies can expect a veryyy awesomee contest soon! I'm not exactly sure what prizes to give out but, i know they are guna be awesome! I'm thinking I'll have 2 winners, first and second place, and first place will win $25, and second place will win a How to knit and crochet book and a cool thrifted item! Sounds cool right? =?