Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flea Market!

I went to a semi-local flea market today for the first time to check it out, and boy was I surprised! I saw SOOO many ankle and lace-up boots, floral dresses, vintage jewelry, and handmade items, i was so amazed! There were people walking around with incredible style as well, if I might add.=)  The only downside to the flea market was that it was kind of pricey! I mean, aren't flea markets SUPPOSED to be CHEAP?! This guy wanted me to buy a pair of lace-up flats for $45! I mean come on! They were cute, but really?! I go to flea markets to get deals, not to get regular priced clothing. But, other than that my flea market experience wasn't too bad. I only bought two things but i spent $25.-_-. Yeah, i took a few pictures while at the market for you guys to enjoy!

=O soo many beautiful boots! I want them all!

This skeleton key necklace that i got for $10!

My bag & shades 

My outfit!

My face >.< I added a blazer for warmth!


  1. cute outfit! i can't believe they have all those shoe choices at a flea market, i should check one out sometime. Cool you're on lookbook, i have a chictopia though do you?

  2. thanks! and noo i don't have a chictopia, but i'm thinking of making it like lookbook?

  3. yeah, accept the photo viewing is different instead of just scrolling down all the pictures are smaller, and you have to click on each one to see it closer. But you can also post not only looks but what inspires you in the inspiration section, and what you think is a chic have in the chic haves section.