Sunday, February 27, 2011

And I'm feeling goood.!

Except, I'm not really feeling good. I'm in a great mood but my throat hurts and I'm sore all over from having a really hard workout yesterday. But, I'm not going to burden you with my aches and pains! It was a really nice day outside today, and after it hailed(yikes!) last night, it was really clear and sunny! It was still kind of chilly, but just warm enough for me to take some pictures of one of the outfits I filmed in my Spring Outfits video for Youtube. When it uploads completely, I'll upload it on here too! And please excuse my tired/weird faces!
My dog always has to get in the picture!

Flannel: Thrift Store
Blue Dress: Forever 21
Brown Woven Belt: Forever 21
Blue Lace-up boots: Ebay

White button up: Goodwill(Banana Republic)

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