Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I got soft skin, are you gonna let me in?

Beanie- Target
Sweater- TJ-Maxx
Pants- AA Disco Pants
Shoes- Thrifted
I movie hopped for the first time in my life today! Haha, it felt great being so "rebellious", since I never really do anything daring in my life. My friends and I saw Breaking Dawn Part 2, and IT WAS SO GOOD. Ok, maybe not Kristen Stweart's acting, but the story and visual aspect was really nice. I even shed a tear at the end because Edward and Bella seriously have the cutest relationship. It almost made me want to have a little vampire boyfriend of my own..... o.o


  1. I love those pants on you!! And that bag is so cute xx

  2. Love your style so much!