Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to reality.

 At the airport.

 On the plane to NY!
 Syracuse, NY
 At this rad waffle house in Syracuse

 Syracuse University Buildings
 Cute shops near Syracuse

 Wellesley, Massachusetts

 The BEST ice cream and fudge I have EVER had.

 Driving through New York to New Jersey

Hey guys! So, I am finally back from my east coasr road trip and I have to say that it was great! I had so much fun going to state's I've never been to before and just seeing how different it is from the west coast. I saw so many cute boutique type shops and the scenery was absolutely breathtaking! I'm planning on putting together a video soon but I have so many other things on my to-do list it might have to wait. I have a lot of outfit post coming up so stay tuned for that as well! Hope you guys are doing well! =)

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