Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm Glad you Came.

Shirt, Scarf, Shorts, Bag, & Shoes: From various Thrift Stores! (Salvation Army, Crossroads..etc.)

Yup, thats right! This whole outfit is thrifted meaning that I paid no more than $10 for each item! Well, except the bag which I paid wayyy to much for an old Dooney and Bourke bag. Anways, Spring Break has started for me and it is grrreat so far! I've hung out with friends, gone shopping and today started by travels! My parents and I took a walk a long the coast for Easter and of course, took some photo's! I'll probably include more photo's in later post though! It was a super warm day with a slight breeze which equals perfection in my book. Hope you all are having a wonderful spring break so far and Happy Easter! 

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